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Welcome to the Arthur’s Quay Framework online consultation website. We are currently initiating a design process which will explore options to improve Arthur’s Quay. Our ambition is to create a World Class Waterfront for the benefit of all citizens in line with the policies and objectives set out in the Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028, Limerick 2030 plan and the URDF Funded World Class Waterfront Project.­­­

To facilitate this ambition, we are creating a spatial framework for the future redevelopment of the Arthur’s Quay site. The framework that we develop from this process will be the blueprint for future redevelopment in the coming years.

This process is being spearheaded by Limerick City & County Council in collaboration with various stakeholders, including local landowners, businesses, Cultural institutions and the communities within the city.

We welcome your comments and ideas for the future of Arthur’s Quay and would like to invite you to complete a short questionnaire about your experiences of the site, which can be accessed here.


City Context

Arthur’s Quay is a historic site at the heart of Limerick. Located on the southern bank of the River Shannon, the site currently provides a public park at the waters edge which is a key space for the people of Limerick. The space provides a location for various public events including the much-loved annual Riverfest.

Our study area also incorporates:
•    Sarsfield House
•    Arthurs Quay Shopping Centre
•    Penneys Store
•    Former Debenhams Department Store
•    UL City Centre Campus
•    Former Tourist Information Office

Arthurs Quay is a strategically important site within the city, as the drawing opposite indicates, the site sits adjacent to the city’s historic heart and commercial core, providing a gateway to O’Connell Street and marking the confluence of the River Shannon and the Abbey River.  

Furthermore, Arthur’s Quay is also at the heart of the cities future, adjacent to the Project Opera Site (currently under construction) and the public realm improvements of O’Connell Street.

In conjunction with wider city improvements, it is envisaged that the site will offer an exciting, unparalleled opportunity for the City to realise its ambitions of a World Class Waterfront, fit for the future growth of Limerick.

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